–>M.A.D. Custom Inc. is the new home of the Shooter Roost.

As with any firearm, over time, moisture, chemicals and routine handling remove the original protection and make it subject to tarnish, rust and, eventually, pitting.

Our goal at The Shooter’s Roost is to create a finish that you and/or your customers will be proud of. We will rust blue soft soldered double barrels and very old firearms, hot blue newer guns and other steel products, Parkerize hunting rifles and weapons subjected to extreme weather conditions, and ceramic firearm coat (Cerakote) to provide excellent corrosion protection and/or customized color.

We work to produce as high quality a finish as possible at the most practical price possible. From matte to high gloss to Parkerized to coated, we use the same high standards throughout.

Check out our prices, and contact us to find out more about rust bluing, hot bluing, Parkerizing, and ceramic coatings.

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