Hot Bluing for your gun

Hot, or factory style, bluing for guns is an extensive process designed to color and protect the steel on your firearm for a long time. Over time, moisture, chemicals and routine handling remove that protection and make your gun subject to tarnish, rust and eventually pitting.

The Shooter’s Roost uses processes to create or recreate a new and durable finish that, with proper care, will last for years. This process includes any or all of the following steps:

  • Complete dis-assembly and inspection of parts
  • Grease, rust and “crud” removal
  • Bead blasting (depending on condition and desired finish)
  • Polishing with one to five different grit polishes
  • “Hot soap” oil and polish removal
  • Thorough cold rinse
  • Hot blue
  • Thorough cold rinse
  • Hot rinse
  • Water dispersing oil bath
  • Wipe down and oil
  • Reassembly

The length of time required to perform these steps can vary greatly depending on the type, age, style and condition of the gun.

We believe our experiences within this industry will help us answer your questions and take care of the majority of your needs. No one gets all of the trophies.

Some retail prices for Hot Bluing guns are listed on our pricing page


A dealer’s program is available for FFL holders.

The services we offer may require us to see your specific needs in order to quote a price for bluing your gun. Often this can be done via email and/or scanned pictures.

Please contact us for an estimate or for more details.

… got something fancy you want blued?

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Which lever gun is missing?

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Black Powder Pistol Lakefield - 22 Hot Bluing Example Hot Bluing Example Hot Bluing Example Hot Bluing Example

Engraving by: Yves Halliburton
Savannah Gun Works
Richmond Hill, GA

These are firearms that were in a severe house fire. Acid, foam and water damage successfully removed. Lots of work!

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